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Liturgical Ministries

The Sacrifice of the Eucharist is the central act of worship of the Catholic Church. The "Mass" is a late form of missio (sending), from which the faithful are sent to put into practice what they have learned and use the graces they have received in the Eucharistic liturgy.

The mass is the most central part of the Catholic faith that gives us the grace to live a truly Christian life. Assisting in the mass can be one of the most rewarding ministries because it helps everyone in our community live a Christ centered life.

Altar Server


As an altar server, you are responsible for assisting the priest during Mass.  As an altar server, you will have a very active role in the mass and add the the beauty of our liturgy!

Lector / Reader


As a lector, you would proclaim the 1st or 2nd reading and prayers of the faithful at our masses in one of the many spoken languages of our parish (Hmong, Lao, Karen, Karenni, Spanish, English, Burmese). You will be able to read at your normal mass time that you attend


Members of the choir sing at one of our Sunday masses. The choir helps us bring our praise to God in sung prayer and enhance our Sunday liturgy.



Do you Play an instrument?
As a musician, you can share your gifts to help our entire community worship God in song. 



As a usher, you will be the first interaction many people have in the church. You are responsible for greeting people, helping them find a seat if the church is full and giving them the missal with readings for the mass.

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion


As a Extraordinary Minister, you help the priest give the people of the congregation the body and blood of Christ. 

Adoration Guardian

Starting March 20, 2021 we will have Adoration/Evening Prayer/Benediction every Saturday from 4:00 pm to  6:00 pm at St. Rose of Lima Parish on 3005 W Michican St. MIlwaukee WI 53208. Starting summer 2021, we hope to start having daily adoration and are in need of Adoration Guardians. If you would like to be an Adoration Guardian, please sign up here

Learn More about Ministry

Thank you for serving the church! we will get back to you soon about joining this ministry and next steps.

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