Holy Orders

"Stir into flame the gift of God you have by the laying on of hands" (2 Tim 1:6)


Holy Orders is the sacrament in which men are ordained priests and deacons, conformed to Jesus Christ and sharing his ministry in a special way. 

Deacons have a special sharing in Jesus' ministry of preaching  the Word of God and service to others. 

Priests share in Jesus' ministry of forgiving sins, healing, and offering the sacrifice of the Mass.

Pray for our priests and deacons!

(Left) The Milwaukee priestly ordination class of 2016.  Left to right are: Fr. Patrick Behling, Fr. Andrew Linn, and Fr. Michael Wolfe. 

Parroquia Santa Rosa de Lima
3005 W Michigan Ave Milwaukee, WI 53208 (414)342-1778
Parroquia de San Miguel
1445 N 24th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53205
(414) 933-3143
Horario de oficina parroquial Lunes - viernes 9am - 2pm

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